Scattered Seeds Farm

Farming for the Future

About Scattered Seeds Farm

Using land loving practices to produce body healing foods.


We are a small family organic farm located in the mountains of southwest Virginia.  Our goal is to live as sustainable as possible while raising wholesome, fresh, and naturally grown food right here on our land where we know where it comes from.  We are trying to live sustainably by powering our home and farm with the sun's energy using solar power.  Using solar power makes us more conscious of how much power we are using and the amount of water being used.  We try to manage our farm by using less of these two precious resources in order to lighten the load on the Earth.  We raise many varieties of vegetables, herbs, and flowers using only natural and organic methods.  We constantly are trying to build and enrich the soil versus depleting the soil.  We spread lots of compost, plant, cover crops, mulch when possible, use shallow cultivation, use crop rotation, and above all try to be aware of the lands natural needs.  Overall we want to go along with natural way of things while providing food for ourselves and our community.